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We look forward to meeting your child at ‘Footytotz™’.   Each week the sessions will be based on educational stories and topics covered in the Early Years curriculum, underpinning their learning in nursery and Reception class.   Please do not worry if your child seems very ‘clingy’ at first. This is very natural for some children and usually within a few classes; they will feel more confident to leave your side.   Please remember to bring a non-fizzy drink for your child for during and after the session. It is advisable for you to wear comfortable clothing as the classes involve parental participation (You will be sat on the floor for a short time)   Once your child has had their free taster session we would like to inform you of the membership and payment scheme.   MEMBERSHIP: The membership is a one off payment of £25.00. This includes a full ‘Footytotz’ kit, an achievement booklet and covers insurance. . COURSE FEES: The sessions are £5 per session (£3.50 For 9.15am  sessions) and booked in blocks of four weeks at a cost of £20 or £14. Please try to bring the correct money or makes cheques payable to ‘Footytotz’ Unfortunately, we can only offer credits for missed sessions for pre booked holidays.   If you have any further queries please speak to a member of staff after the  class has finished.
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I hereby grant permission for my child to be photographed or filmed during the FootyTotz™ sessions.   I give my permission for all images to be retained by FootyTotz™ and understand that they may be used at a later date for promotional and marketing purposes on leaflets or via the website and social media.  I understand that the images will remain the property of FootyTotz™ and will not be passed to any third parties other than those working on behalf of FootyTotz™.
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